Welcome to the Ranch

Cedar Elm Ranch Meats is a family-run ranch in Evant, Texas.

We provide high quality pasture raised lamb, beef, pork and poultry.

We began this journey with a heart of stewardship and a passion for agriculture. It is our belief that livestock should be raised as naturally as possible. This is the reason for our organic practices so we can guarantee a nutritious and delicious product that is hormone and antibiotic free.

What started as a small herd of sheep has expanded into a lifestyle. All of our livestock have constant access to high quality pastures that are seeded with grasses that not only provide great forage for the animals it also improves the pasture. Supplementing with extra hay and feed is sometimes necessary. We use the best non-GMO alfalfa hay from a farm here in Texas. We feed it straight to the animals as well as use it as the base for our small batch locally milled feed. With being environmentally conscious we source the highest quality ingredients as locally as possible. We have worked hard to create the best non-GMO, Corn and soybean free feed we can.

All of our sheep are born here on the farm and taken up to market weight on pasture. Our chickens are allowed to roam freely during the day to forage and chase grasshoppers to their heart’s content. A special area was fenced for our hogs to graze and wallow safely so they have access to all the grass, fresh air, and sunshine. We select our young steers from local ranchers that share the same passion and practices as we do. We then raise these steers a minimum of 18 months to achieve the appropriate marbling for the best flavor. 

Our Special Farm Help

I’d Like to take a moment to introduce all our animals on the farm to y’all! We have a a wide variety of livestock and guardian animals that we consider family and partners that we feel deserve some recognition. 

The first two dogs we got three years ago where two great pyrenees (one male, one female) which our granddaughter promptly named  Elsa and Olof. Elsa was rather shy at first but has slowly come to love and trust us allowing us to give her belly rubs when a bribed with hot dogs. She is great with the babies during lambing and is most definitely the alpha of the pack. Olof has always been a goofy sweetheart that is always ready for some lovings when he’s enjoying a nap in the shade. 

Next came Digger and Lucy. Digger is our biggest dog and the absolute sweetest. In the evenings when we feed and give treats he always meets us at the gate tail wagging with a present for us (usually a stick or a rock) that he trades for his treat. Lucy is our smallest dog and is very shy. She spends most of her time hiding in with the sheep just minding her own business. 

In August of 2018 Elsa and Digger had a litter of puppies! Most of the puppies were rehomed but we kept two which we named Bear and Bubba. 

Our last guardian animal is a little different than the others because hes a llama! His name is Opa which is German for grandpa. We purchased him in July of 2020 and has been living the life of luxury. You can often find him taking a dip in the tank to cool off when grazing with the sheep is just too much work. We still aren’t sure about how if Opa actually does any work but our granddaughters are always so excited to go see him when they visit.

Now the real stars of the ranch our livestock!

We raise white dorper sheep. Currently we have about 300 ewes and 6 rams. Dorper are a hair breed sheep that are very heat tolerant. Since they are a hair breed they shed their pelt naturally so we don’t have to put them threw sheering. Also being a hair breed they don’t build up lanolin so the meat is a much cleaner and less gamey tasting. 

Depending on the time of year we raise one of two chicken breeds. During the cooler months we raise cornish cross. They are a fast growing breed that takes about 8 weeks to be ready for processing and is known for their breast and thigh meat. Our second breed is red ranger. They are a slower growing breed that takes about 12 weeks to be ready for processing but have excellent meat quality. 

For hogs we decided to go with the red wattle breed. They are a heritage breed that is fast growing and similar to the duroc as far as meat quality. We are going to breed our females to a berkshire boar to enhance marbling. 

We raise angus steers that we purchase from local ranchers that share the same ideals we have. Our steers grow until they are 18 months before we process them to allow for the best marbling and taste.